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Soft99 | Qjutsu Wheel Coat 50ml

Soft99 | Qjutsu Wheel Coat 50ml

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Reach for Soft99 Qjutsu Wheel Coat for the ultimate protection and lustre. This advanced single-component coating is designed to effectively protect parts exposed to tough conditions. Wheels can be affected by brake dust, iron particles, and road dirt, so Soft99  Wheel Coat provides uncompromised protection with its ultra-reflective formula, which can withstand temperatures up to 550°C. This coating creates an impenetrable layer to limit dirt and dust adhesion, enabling easy wash-off of daily dirt with just water. Application is simple: make sure you're in the right temperature range, shake the bottle well, spread the coating evenly with an applicator, wait 5 minutes for it to bind, then polish the residue and let it cure for 12 hours in a cool and dry place.
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