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Soft99 | Scratch Clear Dark Wax Swirl Remover

Soft99 | Scratch Clear Dark Wax Swirl Remover

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Rejuvenate and protect your paint with Soft99 Scratch Clear Dark Wax Swirl Remover! It contains a powerful yet safe combination of abrasives, cleaners, and fillers, restoring shine and masking flaws in one swift step. The wax has all the standard properties you'd expect from similar products—water repellency, dirt protection—as well as delivering enhanced colour and depth to the paintwork. A high-quality microfibre cloth is also included. Applying the wax is simple: check that it's suitable for the paint colour, wash and dry the paint surface, then rub the wax into the microfiber and buff it onto the surface (no drying time necessary). Polish the wax in, don't wait for it to harden.
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