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Soft99 | Silicone Off Degreasing Agent

Soft99 | Silicone Off Degreasing Agent

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Soft99 Silicone Off Degreasing Agent is the ideal choice for pre-waxing and paint correction. This complex formula is effective even on the toughest oil-based contaminants and grimy road films. G'zox studios rely on Silicone Off for degreasing before applying quartz coatings. The longer evaporation time ensures more efficient cleaning than other products such as IPA. When applying wax or coatings, this degreaser is the perfect solution for contaminant-free surfaces. The cap can be used to safely dispose of gases generated during application.


1 Apply a small amount to a cloth. 2 Wipe the panel. 3 Allow the product to evaporate; ensure no streaks. 4 Repeat as needed.

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