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Soft99 | The King Of Gloss White 300g

Soft99 | The King Of Gloss White 300g

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Soft99 The King Of Gloss Light car wax will deliver a thick, heavy-duty gloss coat of advanced synthetic resin, looking just like glass-like nail polish. Versatility is a key advantage; it attains full glossy potential without any application issues. Additionally, the wax has a subtle, light, fruity aroma. From Japan, the extraordinary glossy finish and great water-beading provided in a larger can will undoubtedly leave you stunned! Comes in two tones, allowing you to get the perfect look depending on the car paint colour.


1. Thoroughly wash with pH neutral shampoo, dry, and eliminate car paint contaminants with clay bar, cleaner, or other products2. Rub lightly onto wax-supplied pad once can is opened3. Spread wax on car paint thinly and uniformly, panel to panel, using cross movements4. Let wax dry on surface till white residue is evident5. Buff away residue with dry, clean microfiber cloth.


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