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Soft99 | Ultra Glaco Liquid Wiper 70ml

Soft99 | Ultra Glaco Liquid Wiper 70ml

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Soft99 Ultra Glaco is renowned worldwide as the #1 hydrophobic glass coating. Its Fusso technology of fluoropolymers ensure incomparable durability of up to 12 months and extreme weather-resistance. Not only will it protect from heavy rain and storms, but also minimize dirt adhesion during summer and spring as well as effortlessly remove insect remains. In colder weather, the coating will drastically reduce or even prevent frost and ice from sticking to your windshield! Easy to apply with the integrated felt applicator, Ultra Glaco's formula eliminates any necessary polishing. Specifications: Durability up to 12 months, 70 ml bottle - enough for 5 windshields.

Application tips:

Make sure to apply it to a dry glass surface, as doing it on a wet surface can cause streaks and scratches. First, clean the glass thoroughly with a pH neutral shampoo, then dry with a cloth or microfiber. Shake the bottle, apply the applicator, and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes.

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