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Soft99 | Water Block Super Splash Light Hard Wax

Soft99 | Water Block Super Splash Light Hard Wax

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Soft99 Water Block Super Splash Dark Hard Wax is an essential for hydrophobicity enthusiasts. Thanks to its synthetic formulation, you can expect perfect bead formation and outstanding water-repellency. It's easy to use and provides long-lasting protection, in addition to a glossy finish. The wax is housed in a resealable metal tin, which comes with an applicator. To apply correctly, first make sure the product is compatible with your car colour. Wash the car by hand with a non-alkaline shampoo, dry it and use a clay bar, cleaner or similar product for decontamination. Take a small quantity of wax and spread a thin, even layer with a cross-motion, panel by panel. Allow 5-8 minutes for the wax to bond with the paintwork, the higher the temperature, the less time required. Finish by buffing off the residue with a microfiber cloth; replace the cloth as needed. Do not work on large areas; apply wax

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