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Soft99 | Wheel Dust Blocker 200ml & 8 Wipes

Soft99 | Wheel Dust Blocker 200ml & 8 Wipes

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Soft99 Wheel Dust Blocker is an advanced coating agent that creates a strong hydrophobic layer on the surface of the wheels, preventing brake dust from attaching and leaving them spotless for an extended period. The magic behind this? Technology combined with nano-sized particles from nature's lotus leaf! The set contains 8 wipes to help prepare the surface before application. To use: 1. Wash wheels to rid them of dirt. 2. Shake the can and spray from 10 cm away. No wiping needed. 3. Dry at 30°C for 20 min. or 10°C for 60 min. 4. After spraying, the surface may appear white or have liquid streaks--these will fade during the drying process.


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