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Squid Ink Detailing

Squid Ink Detailing | All In One Polish 500ml

Squid Ink Detailing | All In One Polish 500ml

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Squid Ink Detailing's All In One Polish is a premium product made from a perfect blend of mild abrasives, fillers, carnauba wax, and polymers. This scientifically-formulated polish provides light cutting, cleaning, and finishing capabilities to enhance paint clarity and remove minor imperfections such as swirls and water marks. Its non-dusting technology makes it effortless to apply and remove, while its delightful cherry scent adds to the overall experience. Use it by hand or with a DA polisher on thoroughly washed and decontaminated paint, applying in circular motions or with a DA. For best results, allow it to haze before buffing off with a clean microfiber cloth. Avoid using in direct sunlight or hot conditions, and do not allow it to dry on any surface. This versatile polish is only suitable for exterior paintwork and should not be used on wrapped or matte finishes. Please be aware that contact with plastics may cause staining.


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