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Squid Ink Detailing

Squid Ink Detailing | Ferrous Extract Fallout Remover 500ml

Squid Ink Detailing | Ferrous Extract Fallout Remover 500ml

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Squid Ink Ferrous Xtract is an incredibly powerful fallout remover designed for iron particles embedded in paintwork or on wheels. Brake dust typically causes these contaminants, leading to a rough, oxidised surface. Ferrous Xtract reacts with this, changing to a bright purple colour and allowing for easy rinsing off. Additionally, its improved gel formula increases dwell and reaction time, as well as providing a pleasant grape scent that makes it even more enjoyable to use. Directions: Clean the surface to be treated, apply Ferrous Xtract, let it react (brush wheels if needed), rinse off with a pressure washer or hosepipe. Do not let dry in direct sunlight, take care in high temperatures. Work one or two panels at a time.


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