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Squid Ink Detailing

Squid Ink Detailing | HD Gloss Car Shampoo 500ml

Squid Ink Detailing | HD Gloss Car Shampoo 500ml

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Squid Ink HD Gloss Car Shampoo is a superior vehicle cleaning shampoo with a delightful cherry scent. It boasts an array of cleaning agents, surfactants, and gloss enhancers to restore a glossy finish. The high foaming action provides great lubricity to protect paintwork from swirl marks and marring. It features a pleasant sweet cherry aroma which customers delight in. This pH neutral formula is ideal for use with waxes and sealants, resulting in a sleek and glossy appearance. This shampoo is very economical, and directions call for 15-20ml per large bucket, filling with warm water and using a jet wash and mitt before rinsing and drying. For an even glossier finish, the company suggests using Ultimate QD after the washing stage.


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