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Squid Ink Detailing

Squid Ink Detailing | Leather Cleanse 500ml

Squid Ink Detailing | Leather Cleanse 500ml

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Squid Ink Cleanse Leather Cleaner is specially formulated to clean and revive leather upholstery, trims, and steering wheels. This powerful detergent gently and safely eliminates dirt and oils from sensitive leather surfaces. Featuring a 'new leather' scent, this Cleanse has been a favourite among professional detailers and outperforms more costly mainstream brands. Directions: Vacuum or brush seats before application: 1. Use an interior scrubbing pad to apply Cleanse sparingly. 2. Wipe off any excessive moisture with a microfibre cloth. 3. Let surface dry. 4. Finish by conditioning leather. Avoid oversaturation and do not use on suede or similar finishes. Always test on a small area first. Product is sold with a screw cap only; keep away from children and wear PPE when handling. MSDS available online.


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