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Squid Ink Detailing

Squid Ink Detailing | Tyre Guard Si02 Tyre Dressing/Sealant

Squid Ink Detailing | Tyre Guard Si02 Tyre Dressing/Sealant

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Squid Ink Tyre-Guard Si02 is a top-quality tyre dressing/sealant designed to repel water, dirt and road grime. The unique solvent-based gel bonds to the tyre wall for enhanced protection and a longer-lasting shine. The formulation is enhanced with a highly performant Si02 dispersion and various silicones to ensure water repellent capabilities. Directions: Shake well before use, apply to clean tyre wall via brush or applicator, leave to cure 10-15 minutes, and apply a second coat for increased durability. For maintenance washes, top up with SATYRE for darker tyres. Produced in-house by Squid Ink Detailing Ltd, the 250ml bottle boasts a twist top closure for easy application. Do not use on tyre treads or motorcycle tyres.


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