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Hydro | Fallout

Hydro | Fallout

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Hydro Fallout's special formulation necessitates a certain level of odour, but rest assured that it performs its job efficiently. The product has been designed to be pH-neutral and highly effective at removing dirt and grime, making it ideal for use on alloy wheels and heavily soiled areas. When used correctly, this product can serve as an excellent pre-wash to be followed up with a high-pressure wash. It is worth noting that the presence of iron particles is necessary for the product to leave its trademark purple hue, however, its efficacy is not contingent on the hue. To take performance to the next level, use Hydro Alloy in combination with Hydro Fallout and use a detailing brush to move it around. Finally, use a power washer to reach hard-to-access areas for a deep clean.

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