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Hydro | Pre

Hydro | Pre

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This HYDRO Pre Cleaner is highly effective when diluted to fit its purpose. From exteriors to interiors, the correct amount of dilution ensures a top-notch pre-wash. Use it to remove thick grime, tar, and any other stubborn dirt. Interior and exterior surfaces alike are left safe and ready to be washed away. Plus, this product is specifically designed to ease the removal of contaminants before a contact wash. With a variety of dilution levels, it can work on paintwork, plastic trims, and even floor mats. It even tackles mould on interior plastics! And it can be left for longer without fear of citrus damage. After spraying on via a sprayer, use a brush to agitate specific areas of grime, such as badges and grilles. Dilution levels: Exterior - dilute 3:1, spray, agitate, wash off. Interior - dilute 15:1, spray, brush, wipe with a microfibre.


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