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Hydro | Car Shampoo

Hydro | Car Shampoo

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This specially formulated exterior car shampoo is designed to get a 10/10 finish. Use after a combination of Hydro Pre & Snow for complete contamination removal and an ultra glossy, protected surface. It's PH neutral and Anti Marring to protect your wax and ceramic seals, and its high lubricity, high foam, and high concentration provide the best possible results. HYDRO car Shampoo is a powerful product with pH neutral compounds to make contact washing easy. It works by breaking down and lifting the most stubborn grime with surfactants and lubricants. This 250:1 water ratio cleaner is safe for all exterior surfaces and won't give a false gloss finish – just top up protection layers, like Hydro Detail. The pre-wash stages, including Hydro Pre & Snow, must be done before using HYDRO Shampoo for optimal, swirl-free cleaning. So, use two buckets and a quality wash mitt for the safest, most effective clean.

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