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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Advanced Poseidon Car Wash

ValetPRO | Advanced Poseidon Car Wash

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ValetPRO Advanced Poseidon Car Wash is expertly formulated with anionic surfactants and polymers, allowing it to effectively remove dirt while leaving behind a protective high-gloss, water repelling finish. This finish aids drying time and extends the life of waxes and paint sealants, all while a wash sponge or hand mitt will glide over the paint work. Usage Directions: 1. Dilute 30ml:5L of water in a bucket. 2. Apply to wet vehicle with Safe Wash Sponge or Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt. 3. Wash entire vehicle. 4. Rinse from top down. 5. Dry with Drying Towel.


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