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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Citrus Bling

ValetPRO | Citrus Bling

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Citrus Bling
  • ValetPRO Citrus Bling is a car maintenance and detailing product that contains Carnauba wax and silicone emulsion, offering up to 4 weeks of protection and gloss enhancement. Suitable for painted and lacquered wheels, it also serves as a clay lube when used with Contamination Removal Bars and helps reduce the risk of surface marring. Citrus Bling is versatile, perfect for maintaining wheels, paint surfaces, chrome and mirrors. To use as a Quick Detailer, spray a panel at a time and wipe off with a clean, dry Advanced Microfibre Cloth. For use as a Drying Aid, ensure surface is wet before spraying and wiping dry with a Drying Towel. When using as a Clay Lube, dilute 1:6 and follow the instructions of Contamination Removal Bar packaging.


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