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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Contamination Removal Bar

ValetPRO | Contamination Removal Bar

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Clay Bar

ValetPRO Contamination Removal Bars come in three grades- Orange, Yellow, and Blue. All three help to remove bonded contaminants like tar, fallout, traffic film, and sap from a vehicle's paintwork, which cannot be removed through normal washing. When the bar is moved over the paintwork, the bonded contamination sticks to the bar and is removed. If your car's paint feels rough after washing, try a Contamination Removal Bar to feel the difference! Orange and Yellow can be used with just water, making them a cost-effective choice. Blue is useful for full detailing work and is most effective for removal of contamination. After use, always follow up with Citrus Bling and Purple Passion for showroom level results.



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