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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Enzyme Odour Eater

ValetPRO | Enzyme Odour Eater

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Enzyme Odour Eater

ValetPRO Enzyme Odour Eater is an enzyme-based odour eliminator created to address problems at the root. Our product is safe to use on absorbent surfaces, and diluting 1:5 boosts performance. It removes tough organic stains such as tea, coffee, mould, blood, etc. and erases odours from milk, vomit, mould and cigarette smells in cars. Bacteria feeds off of these odours, from milk to urine, and this product eliminates the bacteria's food source. Our 500ml trigger bottles are pre-diluted while our 1L and 5L bottles can be mixed up to 1:5. Directions: Dilute 1:5 and liberally spray onto carpets/fabrics, then let it dry. Note: Do not mix with disinfectants/sanitisers as this will inhibit enzymes.


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