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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Leather Soap

ValetPRO | Leather Soap

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Leather Soap
ValetPRO Leather Soap is a gel-based formula engineered to effectively clean leather, leaving it feeling supple and soft, with a new look finish that prevents re-soiling. It is designed to be used with a ValetPRO interior leather brush, lubricating dirt and grime between leather grains for easier removal with some agitation. The gel-based formula also guards against overuse, which can cause the leather to become damp. Directions: Apply a small area of leather at a time with a foam applicator, allow to dwell 2-3 minutes, and agitate with a leather brush if needed. Wipe with a clean and dry multi-purpose microfiber cloth. Test in an inconspicuous area for colour transfer prior to use.


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