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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Microfibre Reviver

ValetPRO | Microfibre Reviver

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Microfibre Reviver


ValetPRO Microfibre Reviver is scientifically formulated to handle the dirt and grime of car preparation, decontamination, and detailing work, leaving your microfibre cloths and towels clean and ready for repeated use. This product does not contain any added softeners or brighteners, and its natural, biodegradable cleaning technology makes it an effective and safe choice. Tested on all microfibre-based items in the ValetPRO Accessories range, Microfibre Reviver is simple to use: 1. Place in washing machine with microfibre cloths (40ml for light load, 80ml for heavy load) 2. Start wash, not to exceed 40 ̊C 3. Allow cloths to air dry. Do not use fabric softeners, added powder detergents, or bleach, and do not tumble dry microfibre cloths.


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