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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Purple Passion Paint Cleanser 500ml

ValetPRO | Purple Passion Paint Cleanser 500ml

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ValetPRO Purple Passion Paint Cleanser is designed to remove light marring and oxidation while boosting gloss for a professional-level finish. It creates a base that helps waxes and sealants bond better and last longer. With over a year in formulation, this easy-to-use cleanser offers effortless removal of fine marring and paint surface gloss. For top-level protection, use it as a pre-wax cleanser to create the ideal foundation for Mad Wax or Beading Marvellous.


Hand Method: 1. Add two pea-size blobs to a polish applicator. 2. Spread thinly over a panel, using moderate pressure in back and forth motions. 3. Buff residue with a clean microfibre cloth. 4. Repeat if needed. DA Polish Method: 1. Apply a cross shape of Purple Passion to a polish compound machine pad. 2. Work a panel at a time, wiping the pad over the panel. 3. Spread product


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