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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Snow Foam Combo 2

ValetPRO | Snow Foam Combo 2

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Snow Foam Combo 2
ValetPRO Snow Foam Combo 2 is a high foaming pre wash, providing an impressive clingy lather that extends contact time with the car's surface and helps to penetrate embedded dirt. Formulated as an alkaline-based cleaner, it has the power to break down oil, petrol, and diesel residue, making it ideal for full detailing jobs. Dilution rates of up to 1:15 offer effective cleaning without ruining wax layers, and the product is safe to use on aluminium.
1. Dilute (Foam Lance: 1:3/ Pump Spray: 1:10). 2. Lance: Foam the whole car/ Pump Spray: Spray lower panels. 3. Lance: Let it dwell without drying/ Pump Spray: Don't let it dry. 4. Slowly rinse off with a pressure washer, starting from the bottom.


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