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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Snow Seal Si02 Foam Sealant 500ml

ValetPRO | Snow Seal Si02 Foam Sealant 500ml

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Snow Seal


ValetPRO Snow Seal is a specially formulated coating to be applied with a foam lance and pressure washer for an innovative hydrophobic protection. It offers impressive water beading along with a glossy finish for a superior look. An easy spray-on/rinse-off application is all that is needed to achieve its remarkable effects: 1) Clean the vehicle and ensure it is out of direct sunlight and cool to the touch. 2) Dilute product at a ratio of 50ml (product): 250ml (water). 3) Spray on the vehicle, taking care to avoid the windscreen. 4) Rinse with a pressure washer and do not let product dry. 5) Dry vehicle with ValetPRO Drying Towel. 6) Clean the windscreen and wiper blades with Glass Cleaner. Please note: No cure time or agitation required. Do not go beyond dilution ratio. Not suitable for use on convertible vehicles.


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