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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Advanced Compound

ValetPRO | Advanced Compound

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Advanced Compound


ValetPRO Advanced Compound is an effective one-step polishing solution that can restore the shine of a vehicle's paintwork, quickly eliminating swirls, blemishes, and sanding marks. The product is composed of a highly-refined abrasive blend and contains zero wax or silicones. It can be applied using a DA polisher, a rotary polisher, or by hand, and paired with a ValetPRO polishing pad tailored to the level of damage. For light marks use a Light-Medium Polishing Pad, and for heavier ones, a Medium-Heavy or Maximum Cut Microfibre Pad. Advanced Compound is suitable for removing scratches and marring, and leaves a high-gloss finish. Directions: 1) Wash and decontaminate vehicle; 2) Shake bottle, apply small amount to polishing pad; 3) Work product into area with rotary or DA machine; 4) Wipe area with Microfibre Cloth.


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