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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Maximum Shine Tyre Gel 500ml

ValetPRO | Maximum Shine Tyre Gel 500ml

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ValetPRO Maximum Shine Tyre Gel is an easy-to-apply silicone-based formula designed to deliver a dazzling high gloss finish with long-lasting protection. Our gel-based formula is rigorously tested to withstand heavy rain and sunshine, without compromising performance. For best results, we recommend avoiding application in direct sunlight.


1. Clean and dry tyres before use. 2. Use a foam applicator to apply a small amount evenly over the tyre surface. 3. After 2-3 minutes, buff off excess product with the clean side of the applicator to avoid sling. 4. Repeat for extra glossiness. Infused with a subtle citrus fragrance.


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