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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Polishing Pad

ValetPRO | Polishing Pad

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Polishing Pad


ValetPRO Light-Medium Polishing Pad is a great option for lighter detailing jobs; it is soft enough to use on cars with sensitive paint. ValetPRO Medium-Heavy Polishing Pad is the ideal solution for mid-level detail work; this pad is best for cars with more robust paint finishes. Its design makes it suitable for a dual action polisher, and its tapered edges provide extra safety around corners and intricate spaces. It is secured with a 5.5" Velcro backing. ValetPRO Maximum Cut Polishing Pad is the strongest of the three; it is specially formulated to give a high gloss finish and remove scratches and swirls quickly. It's 5.5" Velcro backing ensures secure attachment to a dual action polisher. Its thin layers of microfibre add extra cutting power.
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